Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chanel Party - St. Tropez

Individually we made the party, but together we made the party thrown in heaven. Karl Lagerfeld, the man with grace is walking across the yard, behind his sunglasses is another world staring at existence and turn it into his own imagination. Absorbing what´s around without fear and boundaries, throw the details down into his library. Remakes it, twists and turns it, to another level of existence. Then the girl, with some champagne in her body, releases her boundaries into freedom of movement, letting the music throw her body in action. While the other ones float around, killing themselves in stilettos, sing along to a rad song, flying from side to side while a dress is turning wild. A bunch of others laying in a group turning heads like a fucking loop, shines as gold, laughter out loud, let the cake touch the mouth, while the bass is framing movements, collaborate with the atmosphere that we all together make, relaxes the way of thinking, throws us all in the unlimited command. Individuals together is the strongest example of happiness.


  1. yay party. photos tells it all :D

  2. I died! haha Great photos Dorothea! YOU HAVE THE COOLEST JOB EVER!!!

  3. DBJ
    thanks for the awesome behind the scene photos and notes in ur own words!
    keep them coming!! ;)

  4. Great photos. I love all of them.
    Kisses. I follow you

  5. Love it! Seems like lots of fun :D Good to know that i've got yoursef a blog.

  6. *sigh. I live the fabulous life through absorbing the envious photographs that you have posted :)

    Talk about hard work, beauty and luck!