Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manhattan Far Away

Manhattan from far, tomorrow it will be even further away, it will disappear in the distance of memories. New York will transcend into a magic land, unreal for me. Christmas is taking over people's visions, let it be, be free, free from work and consumption. But hunt the family, care, share. To see, be aware is the key. Squeeze the orange, drink from the vine, but keep the pleasure near. Don't forget that regret is punching you down, let that boom not be the sound of your fall.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Soho Grand - A Night In Leather

Friends enjoying the night.
Me, dancing in a leather catsuit.
Jamie and Angie dancing among balloons.
Jamie Bochert and Michael Pitt

Jamie Bochert's birthday. Soho Grand Hotel. Private party. Creatures dressed in black. Leather. Lingerie. High Heels. FETISH. A dance with trash, rubber, balloons.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bodies In Mind

The days have been full of energy, but the air is so still, calm, frozen, snow, winter, cold. On one of those cold nights this painting was created. I call it "Bodies In Mind."
I find it mentally satisfying to paint shapes of bodies. Bodies have such a fluent pattern, a language of curves, hidden treasures, character and personality.
Just like the winter landscape, a general stillness.
But underneath the stillness, the storm is waiting to spin around the circumstances.

"Bodies In Mind" is not finished yet, and might never be....