Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lanvin Party

Jamie, Joseph and me
Jamie and "Cher"
Alana and Siri
Always ends with tired feet.
But happy dancing to wild beats.
Thanks for tonight.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Raven And I

The raven and I.
One wig.
Made of feathers.
Visually cutting the length of my hair.
Leave the light.
The darker times are here.
The day is about to arrive....
The day when the pumpkin turned into a masquerade party.
The masquerade party turned into a mad house.
The mad house turned into monsters.

Monsters will always stay in our minds.
Monsters of all kinds.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Extended - Self-portrait

Extensions. An extended self that emerges from an unknown human. Contradiction of myself. Duality against the organic. Amuses ego. Abuses the truth. Like a play with myself. Produce a character. Extend it. Let it become an act interacted. You. You. And you. Release the head. Move from heavy bed. Space for the new. Throw away old layers like dust. Keep some. Share. Explore. Inspire. Adore. Transform. Be. But play. See. Extend.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Symbolic dreams, every night a new sight.

War, a secret mission, forest and fear.

Playing violin, improvisation among the unknown.

A flood, which brakes the path between me and trust....

Dust and a steel bluish wall affected by the light, brightened up, contrast even deeper.

The window with sunlight, awakened the space, shaded the walls, alive.

A sexual experience, no clearance, just dirt, it hurts!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Liselotte Watkins

Swedish Elle - By Liselotte Watkins

I met illustrator, Liselotte Watkins for the first time in Stockholm last winter. Swedish Elle wanted illustrations of me for their magazine, and I was happy to finally work with Liselotte. Her work has been a huge inspiration to me. After meeting her, I discovered that she is a wonderfully warm person with exuberant energy and a fantastic eye for beauty, working constantly with new and exciting projects.

On this day, I met Liselotte and her son, Wim in Milano. We went to the big Sunday market around the river. The sun was shining, with beautiful old vintage bags, jewelry, many people all gathered around together.

Why did you start with drawing?

Drawing is what I have always done. Not better when I was a kid then anyone else, just a lot more. And I do believe that practice makes perfect!

What is your thought of beauty?

Beauty is like what Bob Colacello once said, the hardest drug. I get completely lost in beauty. And finding it everywhere all the time. Beauty is anything from that perfect cup of coffee in the morning to getting a drawing just just right! But beauty is also about balance. There has to be a edge to it, perfect beauty can also be quite boring.

What inspires you for your drawings?

Everything, but of course most of all I am inspired by faces. New faces and faces of friends. I keep all the faces in my head like a library and then check them out when its time to draw, very handy!

How do you define good style?

There is no such thing as good style or taste. It's all individual and about the element of surprise. It has of course nothing to to with money, but all about imagination and creativity. Usually the most interesting people who are full of ideas and opinions have the best style.

Tell me a secret about yourself?

I have no filter between my brain and my mouth, everything comes straight out. Really bad at being all secretive and mysterious.

Which is your favorite city and why?

Paris is definitely my favorite city. But actually Milan where I live at the moment is growing. I am liking it more every day. It's all about the people in the city where you live.

What are you doing in your free time?

In my free time (which nowadays I have very little of), I try to teach my 6 month old how to crawl. It is a challenge. And I am finally learning how to be patient. It's about time!

Who's your favorite artist?

My favorite artist is definitely Lucian Freud. He captures people in a breathtaking way.

Also check out Liselotte's blog:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chanel Prêt-à-Porter S/S 2011

The black and white garden
Abbey Lee and her necklace combination
Karlie Kloss and her orange juice
Coco Rocha with the microphone

Chanel Prêt-à-Porter S/S 2011

Call time is at 6 am at the Grand Palais. Tired models getting quickly motivated after having their morning coffee, good energy, considering the early morning. Individuals with all kinds of styles, some wearing high heels, others long jackets, fur or a vintage piece. Peter Philips is playing with his knowledge of makeup, shading in black, and greenish glitter around the eyes.

Grand Palais, a huge fantasy garden in black & white, a long, long walkway, around 80 models and even more looks, a live orchestra in addition to the clothing makes a powerful show, like a surrealistic dream. The entire production completes Karl's vision of dramatic luxury.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ann Demeulemeester S/S 2011

Jamie Bochert

The colors black and white, between that a printed transition of photos, connecting the contrast between dark and light. Military jackets, buttoned up to the neck, letting the clothes protect, sculptural shapes wrap us. Ann Demeulemeester expresses moods, the side of life that is unpredictable. Her androgynous goth creations take us a step further out from fashion and into individuals and their inner struggle.