Friday, May 28, 2010

A Journey

A party in NYC where it was all about paint, having fun, re-painting, cover other's work, collaborate, dance to the jazztones, where a naked girl preformed. Sing along, and just have fun, open up your creativity in the public space, share, be and don't care!

(The painting above just developed during a couple of seconds. I took the graffiti spray and just did, then in hindsight it might have been inspired by the naked singer.)

Then I flew over to Madrid for the Mango show, did my fitting, had half of a day, went to the Museo Nacional Del Prado.
The painting of Hans Baldung Grien "The Three Ages of Man and Death" captured me, because I referred to our generation, the middle year paranoia, where the ideal is to be young. The mentality is: if you are not young, you can't have fun.

Left Madrid, to continue my trip to Stockholm. During the plane ride I was bored of movies and books, could not focus, instead I start to let my hand speak, did 14 sketches of bodies. Came home to see my lovely mom, and my town, then I made this painting of bodies.

Three different cities, and three different experiences, made my week complete.