Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Ones Around - Sara Blomqvist

The second personality in The Ones Around is my dear roomie, Sara Blomqvist. Because she got her tattoo "Frank", without really considering it. Spontaneous as she is, she decided on a tattoo while she had a coffee with some friends of hers. After that coffee, they all went to a tattoo studio, and suddenly little "Frank" was born on the side of Sara's chest.


  1. I knew about the tatoo but I didn't know where it'll be...well nice idea to put it on the side of her chest. But "Frank" is it beautiful ?! ^^

  2. Hahhaa!! Frank is saras precious and she loves it!! It´s a guy with a guitarr and we gave her a guitarr to her birthday aswell, so now she has two franks!

    I must say it beautiful, because it´s loved! ;)

  3. Ahahah okay, thanks for the info !
    Does she intend to create a rockband? after 2 "Franks", that will pass to 4 "Franks" no ?! ^^
    (Well if you have a pic of that, could you post it ?!)

  4. .. why 'Frank'?
    saw it on her facebook pics, i thought it was a drawing!

  5. I love her expression in this picture!

  6. I didn't know Sara and you are roommates, I love both of you!