Saturday, May 8, 2010

Black Nexxus update

A short summary from the class at Black Nexxus:

Went into the theater room where the class was going to be. We were an international little group, people from Spain, Holland, Ukraine were participating. All different kinds of personalities were around.

It started with the "I'm aware of" exercise - each of us explained what we were aware of in that moment.

Then we continued with the circle - while one person is in the middle creating a character, the people around have to impersonate the actions that the leading character is making. The exercise releases the tension in the group and makes people explore their personal limit.

Then we went over to the personalization. The aim is to visualize strong memories, and in detail describe them in your head.

In the end we had 30 min to adapt and absorb a monologue, and be one with the character.

With a smile on my face and a mentally and physically exhausted body, I went out happy to have explored one of NYC's leading method acting studios.

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