Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let The Show Begin

Let the show begin, turn it against the wind, it's not what you think.
Sometimes what you first see is not the reality.
Put it into perspective and oh you have another view.
It might be scary, so be aware of your fear.
Don't fake the long way, do it the strong way.
Walk in fire if that's your desire.
Hands are for workers, use them without abusing them.

Film by Christiana and Dorothea


  1. L loved it!
    I'm a fan of you I love your blog :)
    See you

  2. can't see the video in my country :(
    I absolutely adore you and your blog, Dorothea
    (that sounds kind of creepy, since I don't even know you :))

  3. beautiful, truly.. how you made the hands feel like cloth.. intense.