Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interview With Ingela Klemetz

Ingela Klemetz - Stylist/Musician

I met Ingela when I got back to Sweden from my holiday. We worked together, and it struck me what a beautiful and radiant person she is. With her individual style and genuine spirit, she captured my attention and I wanted to know more about her.

How did you start styling? And why? All throughout my life I've been interested in clothes, shapes, make-up and have always used them as a means of expressing myself. Even during my time as a artist & songwriter, I was dressed like my music. Clothes are like an extension of my soul. My band and I started making music around year 2000, called Sago (fairytale) Rock. Then one day by chance, I helped my man, who is a photographer, style one of his shoots. I loved it! Because of this I left music and crossed over to styling.

What inspires you?
Everything inspires me. Most of all, nature. But also music, people, movies, moods, architecture, animals and people from different cultures.

How do you like to dress? I don't like tight clothes, and would never wear jeans. But I love to wear kaftans when I'm at home. When I'm going out, I prefer to dress according to a mood. It can be anything! Designers that fit my body-type are: Lanvin; Marni, Ysl, Prada, Bottega. I used to buy a lot of vintage, but I'm now tired of it because of the available selection. It's so limited nowadays. Because buyers are more conscious about vintage, it's often overpriced, and sometimes more expensive then buying new.

What does music mean to you? Music sometimes means a lot to me, and sometimes not. I love silence almost more than music, but music as an art form is fantastic. If I want to get inspired, I put on classical music. I also love contemporary musicians like Lee Hazlewood, Velvet Underground, Donovan, etc.


  1. What an interesting interview! Thank you for sharing the people you meet on your blog, it's what makes it different.

  2. She sounds interesting and reminds me a bit of Grace Codington (her looks I mean).


  3. Miss Dorothea I really like your blog. You give us an opportunity not to see you only as a successful model but in a completely different light. Your photographs are amazing and you have a great potential, not to mention little short stories and paragraphs. I love it all!

    I wish you all the best with your career and have a lovely day!

    greetings from Slovenia :)