Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn Fashion Week

The melancholy skull
The persian pattern
The developer for the unconscious

Reminds me of the autumn, the dull color combination of the items, all naturally put together, character objects, like the real human skull, or the pencils, the shoes on the floor or the couch. It makes me want to catch a brush and paint the moment's fiction! It wants me to let the leaves of the autumn come into the room and bloom. It makes me want to inhale ice-clear wind, burn my lungs for some seconds.

The autumn is soon here, fashion week is about to start, designers will prove half a year of hard work, their ideas and vision will turn into reality. A style will grow, a part of art is in circulation. It will change shapes, develop from the past, and build a future.


  1. amazing photos, i love the colour scheme

  2. How poetically you put that! <.> ~I am so excited to see you EVERYWHERE this season!

  3. ya me too I'm so excited about that ! I'm curious to see what they're going to make like outfits !
    ( I can't wait to see you Doro on the runways ! :))