Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Burned Wall

A close look on the streets of Paris. Burned house wall. Layers of repainted color comes out to the surface. The beauty in destruction. The beauty of change, pain and sacrifice. A sudden a fire, burned down the layers, and found the secret color behind the black wall. A look into the history of the wall. A closer look at the past of Paris. The story of another age. Visible just in front of me... I'm lucky to see.


  1. This is beautiful indeed and great words Dorothea!

  2. Wow amazing paintings, have you made them yourself? xx

  3. Beauty is in the details. Inspires me to take a closer look around my surroundings.

  4. It is a burned wall, and not paintings! I wish it was though... I would loved to be the women behind this, but nature is behind it. And I just captured the natures work.

  5. Hey Doro...
    these shots are beautiful.
    catch u soon
    x R