Friday, January 14, 2011

The Analog Adventure Has Started

A country house, Upstate. A job. 1 1/2 hour ride by car.
Many important people for the shoot, a stylist, hair & make up stylists, models, producer, photographer, art director and so on...
Early morning.
Coffee and a fruit plate, starting slowly.

Getting make up.
Guitars on set for the creative.
Other models getting ready.
Contouring the eyes with soft brown palettes, new fresh faces, the self-esteem grows while awakening from the gray morning air.
The sun peaks out from from the sky.

A film without any objects.
Empty roll.

Me and analog camera in my bag, never used.
When time is available, focused on my camera, to catch the time, frame the place, atmosphere. Explore the camera's function, be able to fail.
Be aware of my eyes, my intuition, play with my head and the objects in front of me or distantly.

Focus on the unfocused.


  1. I always love what you write on your posts and your photos always have that special something.