Friday, July 2, 2010

Parissienne atmosphere

Museé Carnavalet - Histoire de Paris

À rebours exposition about women and their sexuality

The charming Paris is my home this week, surrounded by galleries, museums, beautiful Couture clothes, Falafel on the street, red wine, and a hotel with out fan or AC. Boiling hot, a lot of tourists who are eating croissants at breakfast. Even if Paris is hot and crowded with people, I find the small streets around the Marais in perfect harmony, not too many people, but enough to feel the energy of the youths who are living the vacation life, the romantic ones shopping second-hand in flower dresses, one and another, baguette under the arm, and some love couples in all their charm....ended the night with a dinner at Hotel Montaigne, with my agency ELITE Paris.


  1. Glad to know that you're in Paris..I guess you're there for Haute Couture :)
    Musée Carnavalet is one of my fav museums !

  2. amazing blog!

  3. Is there anyway we could switch places at the moment? :) Sounds divine! Have a wonderful day!
    x ella