Thursday, June 10, 2010

Women Management

Women Management is one of the leading agencies in the world. Respected by clients and models, they rule the market with "less is more", focusing on beautiful personalities.

I spoke to one of my agents, James Tinnelly about why he loves his work.

-What do you love about your job?

I love working with the best team in the world. Louie, Christiana, Matt, Ryan, Jen, Ali, Heather & Pedja are the best in the business, and I am honored to work with them. Our individual strengths, knowledge & life experiences complement each other.

Also, I love working with the best models & clients in the world.

Some models arrive to NY, sometimes not speaking English, and having never modeled before. It makes me feel good to see them grow into strong women.

When I was 15 I had a paper route, delivering newspapers before school to pay for fashion magazines. At that time there was no internet, and W Magazine was the only magazine to give model and agency credit. Most of the models who inspired me to draw were represented by WOMEN. It became my dream to work in the fashion business as an agent at WOMEN. I am blessed that my dream came true.

-What's inspiring you?

The beauty that I see every day inspires me. My favourite thing to do is read. Reading biographies inspires me to live life to the fullest. Inspiration is everywhere, if you keep your eyes open and take time to observe. In the morning I always peek on the commuters surrounding me, how they present themselves, what music they listen to on their ipods, what they read. At night, when I walk home I smell the grass from lawns, & the sweet honeysuckle bushes. Sometimes I see raccoons, climbing out of garbage cans, or crawling down drains. Raccoons inspire me to walk faster!

-When and how did Women start?

Women was founded in the late 80’s to represent individual beauty. Today, Women is still committed to representing individual WOMEN, not girls.

-And what do you think it takes to become a successful model?

To be a successful model, a woman has to be a team player who is professional, inspirational and ambitious.


  1. great interview! You must feel very proud of yourself ;)

    best regards

  2. This is a great interview, I would love to work for a modeling agency, he has an awesome job.


  3. Wow, Women Management is absolutely amazing! I went for an interview with them, but unfortunately was too short for their agency :( It was such a cool place, I loved it! Great interview, Dorothea!

  4. "Inspiration is everywhere, if you keep your eyes open and take time to observe."

    So true!

  5. great interview. love the behind the scenes shots too. i really like your blog.

  6. Great interview, it really seems like it's awesome to work there. And i love the photos, yet again.

  7. had a look through your blog. you write very nice about things.