Sunday, June 13, 2010

Me and Jesus

Me and Jesus are listening to a secret conversation. There are three girls that are on the balcony underneath. They are probably in the fashion business. A Saturday night 2am, they're having a little pre-party, some girl talk, listening to rap and drinking wine. They captured my attention when they started to talk about models

The British accent: Gosh, there are models everywhere you go in this city, all the clubs are crowded by 17 year old girls.

The American: Girls, beautiful girls, I fucking love girls, they are peaceful. Girls are great!

The British accent: When I do castings I see like 50-60 girls. A setcard, then like, "See you later." That is a job. Fashion is weird. In London, girls that are ugly, are the best models.

The other American: I would like to date models.

The British accent: Male models are weird. I don't know a single male model that is attractive, let alone like one! So awkward, they are like Zoolander. Men in England are craving for the girl that every man wants.

The American: There are so many girls that are beautiful.

The British accent: You girls for me are fucking amazing.

The American: Girls can be nasty and cold bitches.


  1. Lol at "Girls can be nasty and cold bitches", but it is so true.

  2. secret conversations are the best conversations.

  3. Interesting conversation !
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  4. girls, girls, girls, beautiful girls lol ^.^

  5. haha very interesting! i think it's funny to see the british accent is the most talkative in this bit.

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