Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When You're Strange

Check out documentary, "When You're Strange".
It's about the Doors, and Jim Morrison's life.
Playing at the Angelika Film Center, NYC.


  1. I loveee the doors! Im lucky hes burried close to were i am. :)
    i also watched a live concert of his on internet. You should watch it, he has an incredible presence and aura (man was he gorgeous! :D )
    (oh and he also wrote poems, they are interesting )
    good luck with modelling!

  2. I´m obsessed with some of the Doors songs, I did not knew so much about them, but after watching, when your strange, I got more inspired as never before. To see how Jim morrisey handled the fame, and his familie problem, and how he developed from being shy to have the curage to turn his front to the adience and just let it all out!

    Fun you find my blog!

  3. Yes!! Totally! And an other interesting thing is how he understood philosophy and psychology too. He could have written a philosophy these and he studied this book about manipulation or something like that (psychologie des foules of lebon) and apparently people say that he used some of it through he career (like when he shocked people by undressingon stage and all :) ) others say he was borderline (like janis joplin and jimi hendrix?)

    anyway :D whats your favorite song?
    I like blog, the pictures are nice. I actually take similar ones out my window sometimes ^^'

    hope all is well!

    (oh by the way i think i have pictures of you i took at some of paris fw if ever you want to see them (they arent incredible im no photographer ^^))