Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Patti Smith at Milk Studios - Fashion Week F/W 2010

During week F/W 2010, in a crowded gallery at Milk Studios, Patti Smith was having a concert. She went on the stage, while hundreds of people were waiting to see the revolutionary singer/artist express herself. The audience, including me and my agent inhaled the energy that Patti threw upon us with her music, presence, and her neglegiant way of dressing!
I've been craving to see her preform live because her music and poems have been an inspiration to me during my childhood. So there she was, years later, still as inspiring, shared her music with us while we were dancing like freaks.


  1. Legend Patti is my inspiration too, and 'Because the night' is my all-time favorite. She's a great artist. Wish I had been there.

    To be honest, I just wanna send you some love sugarpie from Thailand. You know, you're one of my favorite models. Thanks to Imogen's tweet, I finally found you here :)

    Hope you're doing good <3

  2. Welcome to my blog!

    I love ´Because the nigth`
    I´ve sang that song during the "talent nigth" in the Elite competition, in Prague! A amazing moment!

    Enjoy your day:)