Saturday, August 14, 2010

Way Out West

The XX


Beach House

Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Amazing spirit in the west of Sweden, Gothenburg. Stylish people who is sharing one interest. Music. The city is crowded with hipsters, musicians, beer, hamburgers, and then it is some rain involved. Dirty feet and warm sweaters... some love, and joy.


  1. Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Definitely one of the best bands of the decade.

  2. Ahhh Music ya I couldn't live without that !The XX...they were in NY last week ! :)

  3. I know, they was amazing, we had backstage pass so we really got the whole spirit, feeling of the atmosphere!

  4. jeg så deg!! ved lykke li. du er så fin så fin. jeg var litt skuffa over henne, men la roux var faktisk helt utrolig. national også.

  5. ahhhhh! i luv the xx and beach house. my fave bands right now! they played in my hometown, vancouver.